Welcome Home

When we were taught to write or do anything creative, we were always told, “Think outside of the box.”

Here at FTB, we feel that thinking outside of the box is irrelevant, so we suggest something different: forgetting the box entirely. Who cares if it’s within the box, outside of the box, if it IS the box, or if the box doesn’t exist?

Welcome to Forget the Box, a casual critique group for creative people to meet up and practice their craft. Bring art, poetry, prose, or music, but be bold and make the offering. 🙂

So what is Forget the Box?

Every week, authors are given a writing exercise. They can write as much or little as they want. They can write however they want – prose, poetry, art, script. We provide you with the box (the exercise), and you do what you want with the damned thing.

Exercises are posted weekly, and older exercises can be accessed through the Exercises menu at the top of the site.

For easier access to the most current stuff, the This Week tab is available, showing the most current posts. Recent comments posted on the site can be tracked through the dashboard.

How do I get my own box?

If you’d like to become a part of Forget the Box,  join here. It’s quick and painless.

Any other questions? Just post a comment here or shoot me an email.