So High School

It has been forty five minutes of staring at her. The girl that made Theresa’s life Hell in high school. She would laugh and poke fun of Theresa daily. Everyday when the clock struck twelve she would dump her old coffee on Theresa. The popular kids called it “the daily grinds.”Tonight, the girl looked green, visibly. She looked like she was going to throw up all over the bar. Her four glasses of empty of alcohol were now in her belly. Theresa wanted to throw up knowing how much the girl had drank. The girl wandered off of her bar stool towards the bathroom. Her friends not giving her a second glance. Theresa felt bad. Pity was the only thing that she could think of while the girl drug her body into the bathroom. Theresa looked at her beer, stood up.

Theresa walked into the bathroom slowly. She walked with the purpose of a thousand suns, the strength of a warrior, the agility of a tiger. The girl was there. She was there on the floor. Theresa asked her why she was on the floor, the girl just stared at her. The girl replied, “why are you talking to me?” Theresa looked at the girl, stared at her. She walked up to the girl, and was inches away from her face, just like stripes on a tiger. Theresa said,  ” I know you don’t remember me, but you hated me. You made my life in high school Hell. But I forgive you.” Theresa looked at the girl who made her life hell, and stood up tall, proud and walked out of the bathroom. In the bar were the girl’s friends she came with. Drunk, clothes not covering much of anything. Theresa breathed, “If you had been my friend, you wouldn’t be lying in your own vomit in the bathroom. But that’s high school.”

I tried to do all I could with this! Hope you think it’s as shitty as I do! 🙂



One thought on “So High School

  1. Hey you. 😀 I don’t have much critique for this – just one comment:

    “She walked with the purpose of a thousand suns, the strength of a warrior, the agility of a tiger.” Hahahahahaha. 😀

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