Missing A’s

Last week went really well, and though there wasn’t much critique *glares at you all* I hope you all had fun writing garbage. The stuff you submitted was pretty bad, so I congratulate you.

This week, we’re going to go back to a successful, well-loved exercise that expands on a shitty writing technique that I failed to touch on last week: lazy words. I mean emotional summary: I-don’t-have-time-for-anything-but-adjectives-and-adverbs-because-I’m-bad words. Don’t tell me he said something cautiously. Tell me about the way he hid his hands behind his back and avoided eye contact while responding. Get it?

Your challenge this week is to aim for around 400 words, and tell us a story using as few adjectives and adverbs as possible. You can see previous work on this challenge here.

The winner (the selection of whom will be totally subjective, and totally unfair) will get some kind of gift from me, assuming there’s enough participation.


3 thoughts on “Missing A’s

  1. Sorry, Jen. I am trying to finish a long fan fiction about sex trafficking for some eager readers. That’s taking priority right now. But I’ll contribute to the group when I have time. And maybe you all can critique my fiction if some of the stuff I write fits in with the theme of the exercises. I really need a writer’s input. But I’ve been using the stuff I learned in Dr. Coffey’s literary editing and publishing class. Yay!

    • All adverbs. The last time we did this exercise, I think you’d recall it wasn’t practical AT ALL. XD

      But there’s some kind of cheesy phrase about aiming for the moon and landing on the stars, or in them, or around them or something. ^-^

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