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When You Experience an Anxiety Attack

You’re lying in bed and it’s two o’clock in the morning. You have the house to yourself because your parents are away celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. You’re not used to being alone, but your dogs will warn you if someone tries to break in. That’s why when you hear your dog bark, you jerk … Continue reading

Shit Customers Say

Cam and I decided in high school to write a book about people we’ve encountered while working retail. People waltz into Grandpa’s store as if they know everything about skiing and snowboarding. It gets worse closer to when the slopes open.                “Check this dude out,” Cam says, nodding at the door.                 A man wearing … Continue reading

Missing As: Stephanie Autry

The Call “Briony,” she whispers. The wind hits my face, making the hairs not tucked into my pony tail tickle my cheeks and eyes. I cross the sand with only the moon and the calls to guide me. She continues to whisper, others join in. “Sister, come to us. Let us take you home.” A … Continue reading

Comfort Zone- Stephanie Autry

I don’t usually write about alien attacks or zombies, so here’s my attempt at writing about some people trying to escape an alien invasion.



“The princess is lagging behind,” Wren mumbles, jerking her chin over her shoulder.

            I look back to see Ashton peel her book bag off her shoulders and drop it to the forest floor. “What are you doing?” I ask.

            “I need a break,” Ashton says, out of breath. She takes her water bottle out of the side pocket and takes a long drink. “Y’all walk to fast.”

            “I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we’re running for our lives here,” Wren says, crossing her arms over her chest. “If I told you there was a sale at the mall would that make you move any faster?”

            “Shut up, bitch,” Ashton grumbles. “I’d give anything to be in a mall right now.”

            I hate shopping but I have to agree with her. I try not to about what normal used to be before the aliens invaded, as opposed to what it is now. My new normal is being on the run, moving from place to place while living out of a backpack and sleeping in caves and sleeping bags. The seven people I travel with now are my family. Maybe someday I’ll find my parents and siblings again, but I try not to think about them.

            “What’s the hold up?” our self appointed leader, Jared, asks. He walks to the back of our short line gripping the straps of his backpack. His gun is strapped to the side so he can easily grab it if he needs it. “Ashton, no breaks. Let’s go.”

            Ashton, who was snappy with Wren, suddenly crumbles into a helpless damsel in distress. “But I can’t,” she wails. “I’m tired, and sore, and hot, and I just want to go home!” She throws herself onto the ground and begins to cry. I share a quick look with Wren, who rolls her eyes.

             I want to go home too. My feet are covered in blisters, my shirt is wet with sweat, my back hurts, I haven’t slept well in a month, and I’m scared. We’re all scared of the tall, thick muscled monsters who fly around in their ships, destroying everything in their path to drive us out and take us prisoner. 

            Jared shakes his head at Ashton and returns to the front of the line. “We can’t stop now,” he says. “If you can’t keep up we’ll leave you behind.”

            Ashton abruptly stops crying and stares at him with big eyes. “What? You can’t just leave me! They’ll catch me and they’ll…they’ll….”

            We don’t know what the aliens do with their prisoners and none of us want to find out. The others continue walking ahead, but I wait for Ashton to get to get feet. She doesn’t even try to get up. Wren shouts for me to come on.

            “Ashton, you’ve got to get up,” I say, walking back to her. I reach down to offer my hand, but she glares at me and slaps my hand away.

            “I don’t want your help, you little brat.”

            I think about yanking her to her feet and dragging her along with us, but Wren grabs me by the shoulders and gives me a hard shove forward. “After everything you’ve been through, you’re going to risk your life for someone who doesn’t want your help? I don’t think so. Move.” She gives me another hard push.

            I look back, hoping Ashton has come to her senses, but she’s still sitting on the ground. We have no choice but to leave her like that. 

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Jumping to Conclusions: Stephanie Autry

“Brisen! Look what Father had made for me!” My twin sister, Aven, bursts through our bedroom doors and twirls around to show off her new deep green dress that almost drags the floor. The neckline cuts down into the shape of a V teasing a bit of the fair skin on her chest. Father had … Continue reading