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Missing As: Stephanie Summers

The Catharsis She knows why they’ve come here tonight.  They’ve come to weep into their beers and listen to her sing the songs that remind them they still have souls. And she knows that when the beer is gone, they’ll continue to steal, kill, torture, and peddle poison.  They are monsters.  But when Aida sings … Continue reading

Comfort Zone: Stephanie Summers

E.R.I.C Hey guys. This is my attempt at sci-fi.  In particular, I’m looking for suggestions about a different name for my organization.                   Sylvia Duncan’s hands trembled slightly she read the message on her tablet. Dear Mrs. Duncan, Congratulations!  Your application to the Engineered Realistic Independent Companion (E.R.I.C) program has been accepted.  Please report … Continue reading

Help Request

Hey guys, I’ve got a Batman: The Animated Series fanfic that I need to complete because several readers have indicated interest.  Is it okay if I go ahead and work on that and submit it here for a critique?  I’ll also do the exercise if I have time, but I feel that I don’t want … Continue reading

Jumping to Conclusions: Stephanie Summers

The club burst into applause as Lucy McKee sung the last note of her final song.  Grinning, she broke into a deep bow.  She always loved the limelight, the admiration and adoration of the crowd.  But even more important to her was the admiration and adoration of the skinny red-haired man standing in the back … Continue reading