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Did You Smell That?: Angela Carroll

Fresh Air “Going for a walk!” Jack shouted to his family. He grabbed Ash’s leash from the thick pile of beer cans. He shook off the overpowering scent of alcohol and stumbled over plates of foul, long dead pizza and fuzzy bread sticks. “Come back soon, dinner will be…here!” Came a voice. Strained and dry, Jack … Continue reading

Did You Smell That?: Samuel Plymale

(Edit: July 8th: I changed “Darren” to “Mark” in one sentence in the comments. Thanks for that! <3) “Darren, will you stop that?” barked Mark, his squad leader. If there was one thing the tired men of the 317th Infantry didn’t need, it was more black, acrid smoke to assault their senses. The slow waltz … Continue reading

Did You Smell That?

July 1, 2012 – July 7, 2012 A great writer knows how to be descriptive. These writers can create anything beautiful, horrifying, or inspiring from only the backbones of your imagination. Some of you may be well versed in describing how something looks or feels, but less often described are tastes, sounds, and smells. Your … Continue reading