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Make it Personal: Virginia Lynn Hutton

Her father’s new Rule is that she is not allowed to drive her car. So she has to ride the bus instead. The bus will be here in a few minutes. Samantha hurries down the stairs, almost falling down, and grabs the backpack that is slumped on the kitchen table. In the living room, her … Continue reading

Make it Personal: Casey Robinson

I watched a movie when I was twelve where a teenage girl made herself throw up.  It worked for her, so I practiced one night. “It’s not so bad,” I told myself, “as long as you try not to breathe in until it’s all over”. My assumption was that breathing in causes the taste buds … Continue reading

Make It Personal

May 4, 2013 – May 12, 2013 Welcome back to Forget the Box! One of Mark Twain’s lesser known publications is that of his autobiography. Unlike a conventional autobiography, Twain wrote his as a collection of random memories and musings rather than a sequential telling of events. Though the format was unusual, it does a … Continue reading