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Strewn across a white floor like toys to a toddler were detached faces that, even in their sluggish peeling from muscle and vein appeared to still scream in their final memories of identity. Eyeless, lipless pink cheeked or pale skinned masks wrinkled, slightly elongated and folded. He picked them up like portraits of happy families … Continue reading

So High School

It has been forty five minutes of staring at her. The girl that made Theresa’s life Hell in high school. She would laugh and poke fun of Theresa daily. Everyday when the clock struck twelve she would dump her old coffee on Theresa. The popular kids called it “the daily grinds.”Tonight, the girl looked green, … Continue reading

Shitty First Drafts

Everyone has them, but few understand that they are the fortes of the successful writer who actually writes. After this quintessential first step, it can only get better, and at least you’ve written something.¬†Beginner writers often make the same mistakes. We use the same word over and over, we’re cheesy, and we provide pages of … Continue reading