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So Cliché: Angela Carroll

Hekate7th was staring at the puddle of water forming outside the open freezer when the ice in the ice maker began to singing. “Fuck!” Hekate7th said. She stretched her hand down her jeans pocket, grabbed her phone and a stylus. She began scribbling down the ice’s lyrics. Hekate7th read the song, shutting the freezer, then … Continue reading

So Cliché

September 6 – September 15 We’re kicking the semester back up with additional time for this week’s exercise. Clichés can make your writing boring, predictable, and downright cheesy.  Inspired by creative exercises in Dr. Donna Coffey’s Poetry Writing course, your assignment this week will be to write something reworking a common cliché. You don’t have to pick … Continue reading