Getting Started

How do I sign up for Forget the Box?

Message the administrator on Facebook or email her at expressing your intent to join. She will send you an email inviting you to become an author on Forget the Box, then you can begin posting!

How do I change my avatar?

I’m sure you’ve noticed the “Mad Scientists” column to the left on the main page. If you want to change the avatar that appears there, you need to make an account with Gravatar. Gravatar is a globally-recognized avatar that is connected with your email address itself and not just WordPress or FTB.

How do I submit for an exercise?

If you’re signed in, you’ll notice in the top right-hand corner of the page a button next to your name that says “New Post.” It doesn’t matter what page you’re on when you submit – they’re automatically uploaded to the “This Week” page.

When you submit, the title of the post needs to be in the format: Exercise: Name. For instance, and example submission for June 20, 2012 – June 30, 2012 would look something like this:

Jumping to Conclusions: Jennifer Stogner

What are the deadlines for submissions?

The exercise listed at the top under the “Exercises” page is the most current. The date will always be listed under the exercise so that you’re sure it’s this week’s exercise. Please only post submissions for exercises currently under way. Each exercise only lasts for a week. The earlier you post a submission, the likelier you are to receive thoughtful criticism on it.

You’ll also notice on the main page that there’s a calendar on the right. This calendar will count down the days left for the current exercise.

What are the requirements for submissions?

Although we’re pretty big on not imposing any kind of box, we DO ask that your submissions are relevant to the exercise for the week. Make sure that you check the category box for each submission. Other than that, you can write whatever and however you want.

There is no ‘rating’ requirement for posts. If it’s X-rated, make sure to put something in parentheses or some kind of warning that the contents of your submission may be salacious. You can still post whatever you want, but just be courteous about it.

You can also post any style of writing you want. You can write poetry as a submission, creative art you feel fits the exercise requirements, or good old-fashioned prose.

How do I add a critique?

Go to the submission that you wish to critique and add your critique as a comment. These will be moderated to avoid drama. There’s a wonderful guide to critiquing by Melissa Donovan under the “Guide to Critiquing” page.

How many critiques do I have to submit?

There is no requirement here, but good participants will have three critiques for every submission. This is generally the standard for any writing critique group you may participate in.